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Jake and the Neverland pirates compared to old Peter Pan

February 21 2016, 13:07pm

Posted by Miss Nymeria

So it has come clear to me that while my kids and I are watching these

So it has come clear to me that while my kids and I are watching these fantastic Jake and the Neverland pirates video on Youtube. I didn’t really recognize it from my childhood. I can see the similarities with Sme, fairy dust, the crock, captain hook and the occasional visit back to Neverland by Peter Pan. But from what I remember Captain Hook was never as nice as he is in this Jake and the Neverland pirate’s episode.

Captain Hook is a nice guy in jake and the neverland pirates episodes

In various videos and episodes Captain Hook, Smee, Jake, Cubby, Izzy and Skully(the parrot) actually work together to complete various tasks. This is nothing you would have seen in the old Peter Pan movies. There he was just rotten in to his cold core. So its fun to see that they’ve twisted it around a bit and made him at least a bit nicer. Another thing I love that they kept in the Jake and the Neverland pirates series is the ticking crock, a symbol that of why Captain Hook lost one of his hands and now has replaced it with a hook. The crock itself is very funny and he wiggles from the left to right when he moves which is hilarious. I remember the music that was playing when he approached in Peter Pan like it was yesterday.
One more thing with hook is in this Disney junior series he has a lot of variations to the hook. He has a heli-hook which can make him fly, a butterfly net to catch things in and even some household articles to be used in the kitchen.

This latest episode that we watched was on youtube and I think it was a game of some kind that had been recorded and uploaded. Sme was stacking cake upon each other to make the perfect birthday cake for captain hook. They were cooking together and it was hilarious as it always ended with Captain hook covered in cake!

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